Sawn timber

sawn timberSAWN TIMBER

By offering only wood of the highest quality, we have gained the trust and confidence of countless partners in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

In effect, we supply certified sawn timber to both Lithuanian and overseas business partners who produce flooring, furniture, interior and exterior wood related products and so forth. We also supply timber to wholesale and retail outlets in Lithuania, Europe and East Asia.

Our Sawn Timber range consists of:

Larch wood is valued for its resistance to decay and durable qualities making it the perfect match for the construction industry.

Pine wood is known for its natural endurance to environmental effects, being very light and drying quickly. The timber tends to be bluish in colour. However, due to its endurance qualities, it is commonly used for communication lines, railway sleepers and for making containers and furniture.

Spruce wood - one of the most suitable tree species for building structures, furniture and musical instruments. It tends to keep its bright colour, and this type of wood has gained popularity due to low resin, fine splint, flexibility and features that enable spruce wood to be easily painted.

Our company offers decking boards, timber, and wood panels. You can find more information about the products we offer in our catalogue. To placing an order or to learn more about our products, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.


decking boardsDECKING BOARDS

Our decking boards are made from high quality Siberian natural larch wood, spruce or pine.

You have a choice if two Decking boards finishes:

- smooth;
- wavy.



We offer the following types of construction, structural timber made from spruce and pine:

- Naturally dried.
- Kiln dried (14-16% humidity).
- Impregnated. 
- Kiln dried and planed.
- Kiln dried, planed and impregnated.


sawn timberWOOD PANELS

Wood Panels can be made from:

- Northern Spruce;
- Wood.


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